Holistic support with Essential Oils

Welcoming essential oils into my life has brought me a level of wellness I’ve never known before. As I gradually learned my way around their uses and benefits, I was blown away by the many ways I can use oils to support my physical health. From easing flare-ups of my acute sciatica pain to making weight loss feel effortless, from boosting my immune system to helping me achieve maximal relaxation at the end of a long day rushing around Manhattan (...on the subway...with my full oil kit...in heels…), oils support my health, wellness, and happiness in ways I’m grateful for every day.

If that was all oils had to offer me, it would be more than enough! But what truly astounded me was finding as many ways—if not more—to use essential oils for energetic support. Essential oils are nature’s gift...but oils and astrology together? Magic.


An oil for every cosmic scenario!

You use astrology to know when to focus on certain areas of your life, to use the energy in your favor and create your dream life with ease, grace, and efficiency. Astrology tells you when to start projects, when to finish projects, when to release old baggage, when to evaluate, when to decide, when to socialize, when to hole up, when to create, when to keep your lips sealed, and when to share. Essential oils fit perfectly into this by providing the solution to your forecast.

You’re starting a project and need the motivation and kick in the pants to get started?

There’s an oil for that!

It’s your time to heal from the past and release the situations and people who aren’t serving you?

There’s an oil for that!

You’ve created a masterpiece and want to share it with the world, and need a boost to communicate /sell your work authentically and lower your audience’s resistance?

There are many oils for that!

There’re potentially going to be some tense moments in your romantic relationship and you could use some compassion, patience and non-judgment right now so WW3 doesn’t erupt…

You guessed it—there are oils for all those things!

By using astrology to identify key issues before they come up, and by using doTERRA Essential Oils to enhance and support you as these situations ebb and flow, there will be nothing you can’t handle!

Astrology + Oils: A Match Made in the Heavens

Astrology doesn’t necessarily predict events—but it does give us a magical sneak peek into which areas of our lives have a lot of energetic activity, and what that energy might be up to. That lets us harness the momentum that the universe is offering us and maximize our opportunities (after all, why expend energy working on your fitness routine if, right now, your chart shows that energy is “on sale” in your house of relationships?). There’s a time for everything in every year of our lives, and astrology can tell you when your efforts will reap the most abundant rewards.

Essential oils offer support for physical and emotional wellness...but they also have their own energetic properties. In your personalized one-on-one AstroOils™ Wellness Reading, your chart gives me the insight I need to tell you where to direct your energy. Forecasting the flow of planetary energy through the different sections of your life gives you the chance to use that energy in your favor. The right oil, or oil blend, can ease the bumps the planets have in store for you, or give you the extra boost you need to seize your astrological moment to shine.

Ready to Reach for Your Stars?

When you become an AstroOils™ Insider with the doTERRA Essential Oils starter kit of your choice, you’ll get an in-depth, completely personalized AstroOils™ Wellness Reading with me. We’ll go over all the ways that oils can support your physical and emotional well-being. Then we’ll take a look at your astrological birth chart. Your star chart gives me a sneak peek into your personality, goals, needs, and values. It also lets me read how the upcoming planetary activity will affect you specifically, including themes, specific obstacles, and key dates in your life—information I’ll use to create personalized essential oil protocols for the energetic and emotional support you need.

And as an AstroOils™ Insider, you’ll also get premium-length Oil-Scopes™ in your inbox every month to guide you in making the most of your oils and your stars.