Horoscope + Essential Oil Protocol = Oil-Scope™

Customized to your sign and up-to-date readings of the astrological present and near future, your Oil-Scope™ shows you how to thrive to the fullest by accepting, directing, and making the absolute most out of the energetic movement the stars reveal for you.

When I write your Oil-Scope™, I’m not just showing you what the star map shows on your sign’s horizon...I’m also giving you the potent tools that will help you respond to the energy the universe is sending into your life right now.

I post daily Oil-Scopes™ on Instagram—follow me @astrooilsbykristina for free essential oil recipes that will help you navigate what the stars have in store for your sign.


Coping with the cosmos, as easy as 1-2-3!

Here's an example of how an Oil-Scope™ works:


First, I need to know what’s in the stars for me. My horoscope says there's a new moon in my 5th House. The 5th House governs creativity, which makes this week the perfect time to start that exciting new project that’s been in the back of my mind for awhile. Sure, I could do this any time, but energy’s “on sale” in this area of my life right now, so I can use mine more efficiently by taking action now, when the cosmic lineup is giving me a boost.


Amazing–I've got my forecast! But I don’t just have to sit around wondering what it means or worrying about it—because my Oil-ScopeTM tells me how to respond to these transiting planets and cosmic influences. Before I dive into my passion project, I take a moment to diffuse wild orange and ginger, and to put a drop of frankincense on my 3rd eye and scalp. This will support an abundance of creative flow.


    Now I'm ready to move joyfully forward into my project with a renewed sense of creativity, motivation, and divine insight! Taking a moment to act on my Oil-Scope™ gives me the chance to align my energy with my star chart, and deepens my energetic practice and attunement. When I use essential oils for energetic support, I’m THAT much more prepared to take advantage of any cosmic situation the universe throws at me.

    All-Star Recipes: Oils For Every Cosmic Scenario

    All-Star Recipes are my tried and true responses to the cosmic circumstances that affect us all. I keep my eye on the astrological events that will create opportunity or turbulence, and love perfecting new blends to help you navigate what’s in the stars. Using astrology to identify key issues before they come up, and using doTERRA essential oils to enhance and support your energetic needs as these situations ebb and flow, there will be nothing you can’t handle!

    Here are a couple of All-Star Recipes that are staples in my toolbox:


    Mercury Retrograde AstroOils Diffuser Blend

    During a Mercury Retrograde, communication, scheduling, short-distance travel, and planning often go awry. Use this blend in a diffuser to ease some of the bumpiness!

    • • •
    3 Lavender — for effective communication

    • •
    2 Spearmint — for focus and expressiveness

    • • •
    3 Wild Orange — for flexibility and playfulness

    1 Cypress — to move the energy around you, especially when everything seems stuck

    1 Cardamom — to ease any frustration, anger, or blame that may pop up!


    Birthday Month AstroOils Diffuser Blend

    Your birthday month is like your personal New Year! It’s the time to assess where you wish to go and move courageously in that direction. In astro terms, it’s not exactly the literal “month” that I’m referring to, however. It’s the month-long period of time when the sun is transiting in your sign. For example, I’m an August-born Virgo. August wouldn’t be my birthday month, but the month-long period of August 23–September 22 WOULD. That’s the time I would diffuse this recipe:

    • •
    2 Lavender — to authentically communicate who you are to the world

    • •
    2 Basil — to renew and rejuvenate and help you turn a new page in your life

    • •
    2 Wild Orange — to stay energized, wildly optimistic, and joyous

    1 Cinnamon — to give you the courage to express yourself unabashedly!


    It's time to thrive

    I have so many more All-Star Recipes to share with you when you join my inner circle. Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse...just to name a few! When you buy your doTERRA Essential Oils starter kit, you get exclusive All-Star Recipes and premium-length Oil-Scopes™ in your inbox every month.