My Essential Oil Journey

Meet Kristina and learn more about AstroOils!

Hi. I’m Kristina. I’m a Texas-born New Yorker, a newlywed, and a busy professional with a passion for wellness and personal growth and all of the tools and types of wisdom that move us towards the lives we dream of. I believe in the power of sharing our stories and our journeys with each other.

This one is mine. I can’t wait to hear yours and help you write its next chapters full of all the joy and success you can imagine for yourself.

Opening Up to the Power of Oils

About a year ago I was having lunch in lower Manhattan with my friend Zia. Zia had introduced me to essential oils, though she’d never pushed them on me. She’d never even rolled her eyes at me when I let the bottle of Deep Blue she gave me gather dust on my kitchen counter—even after she had whipped it out to help alleviate an agonizing lower back ache that had nearly immobilized me at the retreat we were on together, thus saving my romantic vacation with my now-wife. That had piqued my interest in oils—especially because Zia’s a chiropractor, and all chiropractors had ever given me for my sciatica before were lists of exercises that were time-consuming and not that helpful. But somehow I’d still never taken action to pursue what else oils could do for me.

Over lunch, Zia challenged me to get an AromaTouch massage (a very specific treatment designed by a doTERRA founder incorporating choreographed touch and eight essential oils) and then see how I felt about oils, I paid attention. When am I not down for an impromptu free massage? Never, that’s when. So I showed up when she told me to. And when I did, I found her scientific explanation of the way essential oils worked to enhance both physical and emotional relaxation a lot more convincing than I’d expected. I started scribbling notes.

But here’s what really got my attention: that massage liquefied me. I consider myself a bit of a massage connoisseur—I’ve experienced healing touch at holistic wellness spas, 5-star hotels, Chinatown holes-in-the-wall, and everywhere in between—and I’d never felt anything like it. The relaxation was next-level. It felt like I was floating among the stars (I really should have gotten the astrology hint right then!). Feeling is believing: I bought a starter kit right away and started asking Zia questions about oils, their specific properties and effects.

After that, I quietly started drinking the doTERRA Slim & Sassy essential oil blend for metabolic support. I didn’t cut out food groups like I would have in the past, or even diet...but between August and my November wedding, I noticed that I naturally reached for the foods my body really needed. I lost 21 pounds. My OB-GYN had told me to “just lose weight” (gee, thanks!) but due to the medical conditions that brought me to her in the first place, the odds were definitely against me. But this time it had felt effortless. Hm.

My friends noticed, of course, and they asked what I was doing. So I shared a little about oils, and even ended up giving my first class about the way that oils can support wellness. I just kept discovering new things that oils could do for me. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long.

Wellness Beyond the Body: Oils For Your Soul, Spirit, and Stars

There was one thing I wasn’t sharing with my friends or in my classes: I’d gotten into the habit of using essential oils and my own astrological chart readings together to navigate stress and life challenges, to help steer me around pitfalls and towards my goals.

I’ve always found wisdom in astrology: I read my first thousand-page astrology book when I was nine, and astrology has been with me throughout the years. I was always the person that my friends asked about astrology. After attending the AstroTwins’ very first retreat, in 2013, they asked me to work with them editing their horoscopes, and with their support I started giving professional readings of my own. But I largely kept my growing expertise to myself, even as I incorporated oils into it.

Once again, lunch with Zia changed my life. We were talking about oils and their many amazing properties, and in my enthusiasm I let slip something about my astrology habit. I honestly can’t even remember what it was—possibly because when she heard it, Zia almost choked on the bone broth she’d been sipping. She had no idea I was an astrological expert. As I tentatively mentioned one qualification after another—books I knew by heart, astrological dynamics I’d studied in depth, predictions I’d made, and of course my connection with the AstroTwins—she just looked at me, astonished.

I live my life aspiring to be bold and unapologetic about who I am and what I love...but I’d played my energetic gifts so close to the vest that one of my closest friends didn’t even know I had them. It was a moment of awakening to a deeper truth. And as anyone who’s ever awakened to a deeper truth will already know, it was not without its challenges. When Zia asked me to give a webinar for her team on using oils to navigate the energy disturbances of the August 21st new moon solar eclipse, I didn’t feel bold. I felt scared. What did I have to offer? Would they laugh at the ways I’d been using these serious holistic wellness tools?

Despite my fear, I did the webinar. As I started to share my gift, I felt the stars aligning. Zia’s team loved it. And even more than that, I loved it. It just flowed. For two hours, I felt myself channeling exactly what each sign needed to hear to move forward. I just knew exactly which oils in which places would support and encourage those shifts. It came as naturally as breathing.

If you’ve ever been really deeply attuned with the universe, just truly in your groove, you know how it feels. (And if you haven’t? Well...I recommend it. And I can help. Keep reading.) It’s like gliding. Every step is a little lighter, every decision a little less stressful. You take your setbacks in stride. Opportunities materialize, and you’re able to be open to them (even if you’ve been known to put obstacles in your own path). And if my personal experience is anything to go by, you might also notice that you happen to turn an extra head or two. You walk like you know where you’re going—and you feel like you do, too. And it feels good. Calm. Clear. Open. Joyful.

That’s how it felt when I finally admitted that I wanted to share AstroOils™ with the world.

So I threw myself into my new project with a passion and purpose fueled by my new clarity...and nurtured by my essential oil practice. I hosted a few small group classes, where I taught about the ways that astrological conditions affect you based on your sign and horoscope, and how oils can help you respond to those conditions effectively. And when I started being asked how I altered my daily oil practice for a Mercury retrograde or a new moon, or when Saturn is in your 4th house, I created Oil-Scopes™ and All-Star Recipes: essential oil protocols to help every sign navigate the movement of the planets and oil recipes to cope with the cosmic events that affect all of us.

Then all I had to do was take a deep breath, get attuned to my destiny, and let AstroOils™ out into the universe.

That’s how AstroOils™ was born.

AstroOils™ is my passion project, a labor of love that’s all about nurturing your body and your spirit, and empowering you to follow your stars. I can’t wait to share the journey with you as you discover what bringing together essential oils and astrology can do for your well-being.

You can start by following my free Oil-Scopes™ on Instagram—they’ll help you stay one step ahead of the challenges and opportunities the universe is sending your way. And when you become an AstroOils™ Insider with the purchase of the doTERRA starter kit of your choice, you’ll get a one-on-one AstroOils™ Wellness Reading with me—normally $450, but totally free to you when you join my Inner Circle! Every month after joining, you’ll also get extended Oil-Scopes™ and All-Star Recipes in your inbox to keep you moving gracefully and effectively through the energetic flow of your life.